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Swampy & The Note Troll




Blues rock


Woodstock, ON





Swampy & the Note Troll is a Canadian songwriting and production team originally comprised of space scientist and hydroponic systems expert Cody “Swamp” Thompson & professional engineer and music producer Josh “the Note Troll” Maitland. The project began in July of 2013 as a cathartic weekend of jamming after a rough couple of months – for both Cody and Josh, challenging life events have always acted as a creative catalyst, and what started as a 30 hour rock & roll therapy session has now transformed into a full-on blues soaked middle finger to the man, with loads of collaborators along the way.

Cody “Dr. Swamp” Thompson: Lead Vocals/Guitars
Josh “The Note Troll”: Lead Vocals/Bass
Bam528!: Percussion
Sean Ratcliffe: Lead Guitar
Reg Sheffield: Visuals

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