Musician Profiles

Musician Profiles

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Dive into the recordings and videos of more than 30 musical performers, online at the 2021 Crawl.

Each name and image below leads to an artist’s profile. There, you will find their latest video, streaming audio, a biography, and social/website links.

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At the bottom of every artist profile are wayfinding links, which let you move forward and backward alphabetically within each genre.

You can also shift to a different sound altogether if you wish, by clicking the “Jump to…” links. This will bring you directly to styles such as Alternative, Folk, Pop, and more.

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Pete Eastmure and Eva Marie

Pete Eastmure

Jay Kipps Band

Marc Anderson DesRochers

Dave Yuke


Alan Small

Alan Small

SaxMan Matt

Huronia Hot Strings

The Decklan Funston Group

Decklan Funston's Jazz Quartet

Alan Small

The Matthew & Richard Jazz Duo


The Treeline

The Treeline

Brianna McGowan

Brianna McGowan

Wayne Fennell and Rob McDougall live on Hurontario. Photo: Will Skol

Wayne and Rob

Whisky River

Alyssa Tess

Jay Murphy

Folk Rock

Madison Galloway

Melissa Dawne

Sydney Riley

Marc Anderson DesRochers

Whisky River

Zack Elliott

Triple John Music


Brutus Begins live on Hurontario Street. Photo: Will Skol

Brutus Begins


Alyssa Tess

Megan Anne

Megan Anne


Glacial Erratic Band

Glacial Erratic Band

Hubbards Hustlers


Ryan MacIntyre

Brigitte Eve

Rockin’ Jay Shaw

Sydney Riley

Sydney Riley

The Leynes Brothers

Blues Rock

Jay Kipps Band

Weathered Kings

Swampy and The Note Troll

Swampy and The Note Troll

Alternative Rock

Wesley McCarthy

Kristina Dervaitis


John Cheesman

Sohayla Smith

Tommy B Jensen

Jessica Sevier

Alternative Country

The Mike McCarthy Band



Tyler d Reed

Tyler d. Reed

Lotus Sound

The Broken Bridges

Easy Listening

Donald B.

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