The Collingwood Art Crawl

Musician Profile

Tyler d. Reed





Shelburne, ON





Tyler d. Reed writes and records instrumental music as a solo artist, often incorporating loops, drones and improv into his pieces. Most of the music is based on electric guitars, bass, and a loop pedal. He creates emotional soundscapes and beautiful melodies, borrowing ideas from ambient, jazz, and post rock music. Tyler recently released an EP of improvised guitar titled “Easter”. Snowdaze was released in early 2020, and Rother in 2018. He is currently working on his next album. Tyler also plays bass in the rock band Delaney, and the Sohayla Smith Band. He has been a music teacher since 2010, and recently won the Orangeville Readers choice awards for “music instructor of the year” and “Entertainer of the year”.

Tyler Reed: guitar, bass, loops

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