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Michael B. Pocock

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Clarksburg, ON





The sculptures of Michael B. Pocock are an interpretation of nature, sport and our imagination. As a young blacksmith shoeing horses during the late 70s and early 80s, Michael discovered his alchemy connection with metal. He has combined traditional blacksmithing techniques with state of the art technology to make Metal Sculpture a priority for over 25 years. Movement and fluidity define his sculptures. These sculptures explore the viewers emotional connection to places, moments and iconic symbolism.

His life-size and large-scale installations, forged from iron and stainless-steel, have defined championship trophies, civic spaces, commercial and residential properties worldwide. Michael wants you to feel a personal connection to his sculptural imagery and engage in conversation about it. From introduction to installation, his methodical process keeps you informed and connected as the custom sculpture is created for your unique space.

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