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Jane Fleetwood-Morrow


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Collingwood, ON





Born in Toronto, Jane grew up in an artistic home. She holds an Honours BFA and B.Ed from Queens University. Jane pursued a double career of artist and art educator, including time at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Eight years ago she moved to Collingwood to pursue painting full-time. Jane has always been fascinated with the challenge of capturing the colour and light she observes in nature. Her Reflection paintings focus on scenes related to her summers spent at an Ontario lake.

This series is painted with many layers of bright colours. Finished with natural colours and resin, her paintings create the effect of water that is alive. The Colourscape series is inspired by the skies and horizons of Ontario and the memories and emotions they evoke.

Jane has sold her paintings in numerous solo and group shows, art fairs and private galleries in North America and Europe, including Brussels, Paris and Miami.

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