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Anke Lex


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Collingwood, ON





Anke was born and raised in Germany’s Rhine valley and moved to Canada as a young adult to take on new challenges. One of Anke’s greatest pleasures is travel, exploring new places and discover new things.

As a young mother, Anke spent several winters travelling in Mexico with her husband and two children, Nina and Bowie. It was at the Casa de la Cultura in Oaxaca where she first experienced the magic of clay.

She followed the new earthy pursuit at her home in Ontario, training with some of Canada’s best and obtained a Visual Arts diploma from Sir Sandford Fleming, Haliburton School of the Arts. In 2001 she opened her studio gallery in Collingwood where she created maiolica pottery, functional stoneware and tile murals. Since 2017, Anke includes some encaustic work, a new passion of hers, in her exhibitions. She regularly shows at 65 Simcoe and the Tremont.

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