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The virtual component of the 2023 Crawl includes 70 artists working in a variety of disciplines. You can browse their work by medium, or hop between each discipline by clicking whichever images catch your eye.

Each name and thumbnail below leads to an artist’s profile. There, you will find a selection of their favourite pieces, alongside a biography, and social/website links.

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More Artists 

Amber McKay
Andrew Peycha
Annie Thompson
Bill Franks
Bryan Wall
Elizabeth Hall
Erin Diamond

Future Day Inc.
Gill Cameron
Heidi Burkhardt
Hilary Wilson
Jackie Spector
James Stacey
Jane Fleetwood

Janet Hendershot
Jason Alexander
Jenn Wilkins
Jennifer Claveau
Joe Dempster
Kara McIntosh
Kaz Jones
Lisa Hannaford

Maggie Olson
Marina Hanacek
Nancy Charlut
Quan Steele
Saroush Dabiri
Tish Russell
Tyrell Pearson