The Collingwood Art Crawl

Art Galleries

Art Galleries

A feast for the eyes (and the mind)

The virtual component of the 2020 Crawl includes over 55 artists working in a variety of disciplines. You can browse their work by medium, or hop between each discipline by clicking whichever images catch your eye.

Each name and thumbnail below leads to an artist’s profile. There, you will find a selection of their favourite pieces, alongside a biography, and social/website links.

Navigation tips
At the bottom of every artist profile are wayfinding links, which let you move forward and backward alphabetically within each medium.

You can also shift your gaze toward a different medium altogether if you wish. Just click the “Jump to…” links, which lead directly to specializations such as Painting, Photography, Mixed-Media, and more.

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Alison Boyack artwork

Alison Boyack

Andrew Peycha artwork

Andrew Peycha

barbara-Jean Lovell artwork

Barbara-Jean Lovell

Bill Franks artwork

Bill Franks

Brooke Hardy artwork

Brooke Hardy

Chantal Wolf artwork

Chantal Wolf

Deborah Powell artwork

Deborah Powell

Ellie Duke artwork

Ellie Duke

Gordon Sellen artwork

Gordon Sellen

Jane Fleetwood-Morrow artwork

Jane Fleetwood-Morrow

Jason Alexander artwork

Jason Alexander

Jenn Wilkins artwork

Jenn Wilkins

Judith Scopes artwork

Judith Scopes

Kaz Jones artwork

Kaz Jones

Lisa Hannaford artwork

Lisa Hannaford

MJ Jones artwork

MJ Jones

Natasha Lehman artwork

Natasha Lehman

Norma Lee artwork

Norma Lee

P. Annie Churchill artwork

P. Annie Churchill

Patricia Gray artwork

Patricia Gray

Pauline Jennett artwork

Pauline Jennett

Peter Adams artwork

Peter Adams

Shandelle McCurdie artwork

Shandelle McCurdie

Sheryl Worth artwork

Sheryl Worth

Sue A. Miller artwork

Sue A. Miller

Taara Smith artwork

Taara Smith


Bonnie Fox artwork

Bonnie Fox

Bryan Davies artwork

Bryan Davies

Diane Hammond artwork

Diane Hammond

Heather Goldsworthy artwork

Heather Goldsworthy

Jenna Kitchings artwork

Jenna Kitchings

Keita Inoue artwork

Keita Inoue

Marshall Postnikoff artwork

Marshall Postnikoff

Nat Kuleba artwork

Nat Kuleba

Sherry McDougall artwork

Sherry McDougall


Anke Lex artwork

Anke Lex

Jennifer Keskikyla artwork

Jennifer Keskikyla

Jody DeCoste artwork

Jody DeCoste

Kara McIntosh artwork

Kara McIntosh

Lily Findlay artwork

Lily Findlay

Petra Burgmann artwork

Petra Burgmann

Victoria Huntley artwork

Victoria Huntley


Ann Clifford artwork

Ann Clifford

Ed Kliewer artwork

Ed Kliewer

Elise Muller artwork

Elise Muller

Michael B. Pocock artwork

Michael B. Pocock

Mixed Media

Gail Blima artwork

Gail Blima

Gillian Tate artwork

Gillian Tate


Ainsley Brinn Saunders artwork

Ainsley Brinn Saunders


Jan Phelan pottery

Jan Phelan


Erynn Guild artwork

Erynn Guild

Katelyn Blakey artwork

Katelyn Blakey

Katie Trusler-Ward artwork

Katie Trusler Ward


Erika Dick artwork

Erika Dick

Susan Wismer artwork

Susan Wismer

Watermarked Poets

Watermarked: Poets of South Georgian Bay


The Circus Company in performance

The Circus Company

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